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Posted on 2.4.14 by Maaran Mannan

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Anonymous Says....

Every properly Born Tamil will never Support any other political Party other than Naam Thmllar Iyyakkam . Eellam Tamils worst enemies are Congress, Bharathiya Janatha , and D-M-K in South India ,remember this life time and take revenge when these bastards visit U.S.A. Australia, and other countries in the whole world where Eellam Tamils are the majority.Eellam tamjls must make use of the wonderfull opertuniry we have now to give our Young Generation the best Education in England U.S.A ,Germany ,France.Canaxa and Australia- which is easily possibile now also help all our Tamils from lndia who Support Eellam . We must kick that fucking son of a bitch SubramaniyamSwamy,and all the malayali bastards we see in these very highly developed countries which I have mentioned . I am an educated Tamil living in Germany, for a Long time ,a grandfaher from Eellam ,a citizen of Germany, I love my blood Senthamillam Seemaan from lndia Eellam Tamils we all love him a lot also all our Eellam supporters and college students. We hate all Congress and B,J,P bastards.

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